Wool Dryer Balls (Pack of 6)

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HANDMADE IN NEPAL FROM 100% NEW ZEALAND WOOL 3% of the profits from the manufacturer go back to support their employees children.

NATURAL SOFTENER so no need to use liquid softeners or chemically laden dryer sheets anymore, so are great for people with sensitive skin, especially babies and young children. They also reduce the build up of static on natural fibres and fluff up down jackets.

SAVE YOU MONEY as they reduce dryer time for every load of laundry, so less time running the tumble dryer means savings on your power bill! If you use a condenser dryer, they also reduce the amount of water collected by your machine.

PURPOSEFUL PACKAGED as I like to call it, which means less packaging and waste produced as they are supplied in re-useable cotton drawstring bag. The wool balls themselves can go on to be recycled as toys or composted after use (I’ve been using mine for three years so far and still going strong!).

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Place the wool dryer balls in the tumble dryer mixed in with your laundry. You can add a few at a time as you put your washing into the dryer to ensure a more even spread. Use 3-4 balls for a small load or use 5-6 balls for a larger load. A few drops of essential oils can be added onto one of the balls to create a beautiful fragrance for your laundry. Store the balls in the cotton bag provided after use, or leave them in the tumble dryer for next time.

6 reviews for Wool Dryer Balls (Pack of 6)

  1. Helena Cullen

    This is my third set of these drier balls and they work great. I always hated using the drier sheets since I was very concerned about the chemicals in them. These wool dryer balls are all natural and organic which is very important for me. They do as good of a job as the dryer sheets in preventing static and I just add a few drops of my favorite essential oil to make my laundry smell awesome. Without the chemicals!!! I get to choose my own scent too.

    Since using these balls I did reduce my drying cycle by a few minutes and my clothes are just as dry. I will try to reduce the drying time even more to see how much money I can save by using these dryer balls. I appreciate it that this seller donates parts of their profits to the charities. That’s a nice touch and very generous of them. Highly recommended to anyone concerned about their health and the environment.

    Joanna Szymanski, USA

  2. Helena Cullen

    These dryer balls are much higher quality than any I have seen before. They are heavier, which makes them better at cutting drying time and softening fabric. I use mine with essential oil drops and my laundry smells amazing and feels super soft. Love these and I am looking forward to other products produced by this company.

    Kathleen MacLane, USA

  3. Helena Cullen

    Had a chance to use these dryer balls several times now and really love them! I’ve been meaning to do away with the evil dryer sheets for a while now and these are a fantastic alternative. They smell and feel great and are a quality made product with high end packaging. Also my dryer ends quicker than it used to which is another plus!

    Gia Lee, USA

  4. Helena Cullen

    Thank you for selling them and sending them! They really do reduce tumble dryer times and also must absorb moisture as I am not pouring away so much water from our dryer. Yes clothes are much softer and with far less static… who knew these balls would make such an impact!

    Antonia Furlong, UK

  5. Helena Cullen

    These dryer balls are great. I never knew I needed them but now that I have some I use them with every load. It’s also nice to know that Organic Earth donates proceeds to a good cause with every purchase.

    Sam Laine, USA

  6. Helena Cullen

    Thanks Helena Cullen for a great product. They really do cut down drier time, and less static. I add a couple of drops of my favourite essential oils to them to make my clothes smell divine. So happy to support a local business, use less energy, and to know that you are using your gain to help kids in real need. Keep up the good work, and I highly recommend to anyone reading to get some of these in your wintery days.
    Kirsten Atyeo, NZ

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